Monkey Junk

It Feels Like Love




raindrops from above.



yes, it feels like love.

Every time that I

think of you it’s like

I’ve been here before,

known you all my life.

Every time we touch

I feel so alive.

Every day we spend

makes me certain again.

It feels like love.

It feels like love.

It feels

like love.




I’m In a Funk


I’m in a funk, ya’ll!

Ho! In a funk.

I’m talkin’ ‘bout blues, now,

I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout no money junk!

She did me wrong.

She got me all funked up!

Monkey Junk.


No Tengo la Bolsa

(A day in the life of a roadie)


The prelude to the song is an audial account of a day at the fancy hotels or country clubs to set up the band for the party. Bits of roady stories reverberate over the backdrop of hotel ballroom-type sounds. The ever-present end-of-the-party woman who can’t find her purse is celebrated in the tejano style tune, “No Tengo la Bolsa”


  Yo no se donde esta,                               

Yo no veo una bolsa.

Necesito trabajar

esta guera me perturbar.


Me pregunto si podria encontrar 

su culo con dos manos.

Se enfrenta a mi

su esposo borracho.


No tengo la bolsa!


No perturba me, cabrona!

Yo no tengo su bolsa!

Yo trabajo ahora,

porque no pida al Capitan?

(English Translation)
I don’t know where it is,
I don’t see a purse
I need to work
This white woman is bugging me.
I wonder if she could find
her ass with both hands.
Her drunken husband
is accosting me.
I don’t have the purse!
Don’t pester me, you goat!
I don’t have your purse!
I’m working now,

Why don’t you ask the room captain?


 copyright Zanerbob 2000






there’s those who eat

and those who can not pay.

What kind of world

would let it be that way?


Business men

with all their wealth

tell us what to do.

Them with gold,

they make all the rules.


The ones on top don’t give a damn

about the ones in need.

Their avaricious exploits show the depth

of their greed.


What we fear,

and what we hate

is what we have become.

Or perhaps, 

we’ve been there all along


Them or us, 

us or them

the small man pays the price.

The consequence

of taking bad advice.


Violence speaks for ignorance.

And greed’s a wretched way.

Soon I hope equality and peace 

can have their day. 









Brainwashed and misled

the masses

exist in complacency.

They never question

what they are told.


by an Orwellian elite.

Which tells them what to think,

and tells them what to do,

which controls their world

right down to the food 

that they eat.


Whatever will incite them

and occupy their minds

is what they are shown on TV.

So they never notice 

that they’ve been had,

content with their toys

and the lie

that they have freedom

and they have choice,

these slaves to their own

foolish way of life.


Wake up free thinkers,

and see the signs.

Our lives depend on you -

the 20% 

or so whose minds aren’t warped

by hate

and misguided views.

Stand up for what’s right

against foolishness 

and tyranny

and some day

we will all 

be free.






Cowboys and Visionaries

(Excerpts from speeches by FDR, JFK, and MLK)



“A second bill of rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all, regardless of station, or race, or creed.”



“There is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand it’s use to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.”



“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up”...





You’ve got a one-way mind

and you share

all your ignorant fears

and despair.


You come on strong and hot.

You say you’re what you’re not.


I see estates and yachts

that you bought.

I always hear you praying

for what you haven’t got.


You can help me out. 

You can save me with no doubt.

Your transparency

is what I can’t believe.


You want to run our lives

but you you can’t

though you scream and cry

and rant.


You would make the laws 

that would force this on us.

You can’t live and let

but you might regret it.


You can’t win a fight

like this.

There’s too much simple minds 

can miss.


You just act the fool,

or sit by your pool and laugh.

You can sucker in

just so many with your act.


Guest evangelists:

I point the finger in their face and say “you helped this happen”.

God hates fags. Topeka is a city of whores.

They’re evil people and they do evil things.


copyright Zanerbob 2011
Music for Your Spacecraft

The Sun


The moonlight softly giving way,

the s has brought another day.

The foggy haze which lines the ground 

in silken swirls as soft as down,

begins to fade as light appears,

and falls to earth like tiny tears.


Our world awakens in the presence

of it’s sun.

It’s rays are blinding when the day

has just begun.


A lonely bird will sing his song 

soon multitudes will join along.

The grass so tall, within it dwells

a world whose sound begins to swell.

Evoking feelings so serene,

almost dreamlike is this scene.


Our world oblivious 

to feelings of this kind.

No longer thinking of

the higher things in life.


The early risers in their race,

who never see at such a pace,

travel by without a glance,

never notice life’s romance.

I sit alone to be as one 

with nature, worshipping the sun.


The sun so wonderful

the giver of all life.

It’s warmth as bountiful

and joyous as it’s light.




High Above


High above

the birds fly circles,

the treetops calling them.

Waving in the breezy air,

their motion comforting.


Down below

the forrest rings with

every living creature

singing of his life and freedom,

a song we used to know.


Where went the innocence

which gave us dignity?

The child remembers, 

but can not tell.

We’ve lost humanity.

We’ve lost the meaning of our lives.

We came so close to knowing the truth 

of our world.


Look around 

and see the people

so lost in ignorance.

Doing things for selfish reasons

in hateful dissonance.


Live your life 

an open one,

with empathy.

Generous to all you meet,

embrace humanity. 


Where went the innocence

which gave us dignity?

The child remembers, 

but can not tell.

We’ve lost humanity.

We’ve lost the meaning of our lives.

We came so close to knowing the truth 

of our world.

copyright Zanerbob 2012 

The Howdy Hat




Do you have happiness?

House and home, and all the rest?





Do you find them hard to get?

Are you sinking into debt?





All these things are so exclusive,

chasing what is quite elusive.


Have you dreamt of someone,

quite familiar loved one,


Then awoke with a start,

and you don’t know who they are?





Now you see it’s not the same

truly free or just in name


Having money is the key

without it life just isn’t free






Some are crass enough to say 

it’s fine to live this selfish way


You always have to pay to dance

but some of us don’t get the chance      


I wonder what the rich would say

If it were the other way. 


Having tasted luxury,

could they stomach poverty?




Now That She’s Gone


I hear her footsteps fallin’

as she walk on by.

I hear her footsteps fallin’

as she go on by.

I hear my front door slammin’ and I

hang my head and cry.


I’m so sad and blue 

now that she’s gone.

I don’t quite know how I will

go on.


I know where she’s goin’.

I know she won’t be home.

I know where she’s goin’,

and she ain’t comin’ home.

That little gal of mine has

packed her trunk and gone.


Have mercy on me.

I don’t know what I’ll do.

With her I am happy,

without her I am blue.

I’m so sad and blue 

now that she’s gone.

I don’t quite know how I will

go on.


I’m so sad and lonesome

since she want to go.

Yes, I’m so sad and lonesome

since she want to go.

That gal don’t want to hear me

when I tell her how I love her so.

Rockin’ the Cow


Well, me and my baby got a late start for the prom.

I tried to save us some time by cuttin’ out through the farm.

Well, we got out in the middle of a field,

I hit a stump, and I busted a wheel.

Then I said, “Hey baby, here we are!”

 She bowed up and got her hair all mussed.

Uh-uh honey don’t you start to cuss.

I got a cooler full of Pabst Blue Ribbon 

in the trunk of my carCome on honey!

Don’t you fuss.

I got a plan

for the two of us.

You crank up that radio,

and we’re gonna get this show on the road!

 The best music in the whole damn town,

just me and my baby dancin’ with a plow.

Come on honey!

We’re really rockin’ the cow!

 We got the best music in the whole damn town.

Well, we’re just dancin’ round a plow.

Come on baby!

We’re really rockin’ the cow.




She Said Touch Me


I sat so close beside her

it made my heart a’ pound.

I put my arm around her.

She said “You settle down!”

I said that I’d had all my shots,

she said that wasn’t it.

I tried to kiss her on the face 

and found out that she bit.

I thought that I would win her

by massaging her neck’s nape.

She said these words, all out of breath,

as I held her lovely shape


She said touch me

She said touch me

She said touch me

and I’ll yell rape!


She quoted Bible verses and

she spoke of all the rules

about the way that folks should act.

I laughed and called them fools.

She said I ain’t a Christian soul

but I was dunked in the river and saved

Maybe that’s why my luck’s so bad

when it comes to gettin’ laid.

This is my sad, sad story,

a hole that in my life gapes

the woes of my poor love life,

my tale of sour grapes, ‘cos


She said touch me

She said touch me

She said touch me

and I’ll yell rape!

Theory of Gravity


So many theories

that I just don’t know what to do.

They say some theories

 were meant to harm you.

You can’t trust science and theories

is what the preacher said.

But I wonder, what if out of the blue

a meteor were to just drop on your head,

‘cause you know, evolution is just a theory,

the preacher told me.

I wonder if that sucker knows

that so is gravity!

Get down!

With your gravity self!

copyright Zanerbob 2013 



I'm Better Than You


The car I drive about cost more than your house.

You don't exist if you're not on my list.

I'm doing fine, unlike you and your kind.

I'm better than you. Yes, it's true.

Privilege of position, capital acquisition,

I've got mine, a thousand times.

But I want more, yes it's true.

I want yours from you.

Please, don't make this difficult. 

It really is quite plain.

We're going to hold you up, like robbers at a train.

Don't be shocked or horrified,

it's been coming for some time.

The boat has sailed, and don't expect a ride.

No boat ride for you!


There are owners                         Yes I'm better, so much better

there are users                             Yes I'm better, so much better

I'm worth more than                     Better than you, so much better

the sum of you losers                  Better than you, so much better               

                                                       Better than all of you. Better than all of you. 

I'm rich!                                         Better than all of you. Better than all of you.


You believed us when we said our interest was in you,

but, turns out, the only interest is that which we accrue.

We bled you dry, but we meant you no harm.

You're all for sale, you're just slaves to work my farm.

It's totally useless even to fight. 

Hoping that you'll just accept your plight.

There's no tunnel, there's no light.

Don't inconvenience me with your "rights". 

copyright Zanerbob 2015 



The Legend of the Erratic Boulder



Crest-like shape

of the palest gray.

Cross-marked place

in the fountain spray.


Erratic stone which marks ground

where once the gallows could be found. 

A place where scores of men 

have met the bitter end.


Never cross

by the stone at night.

You’ll be lost

’til the morning light.


You’ll walk the streets alone

and curse the pale gray stone. 

You’ll wander, searching on

until the break of dawn,

and every hedgehog’s gone.  


The light reveals the tower

which leads you to the square.  

And in this morning hour

so glad to be back there. 


Rigged Game

A liar and a traitor

Pathetic and incompetent.

Idolizing dictators

He betrayed our country and our friends


The army and our drones

Making war perpetually.

The cops are driving tanks

And killing people in the streets.


The air we breathe is dirty

The water isn’t fit to drink

There’s no more regulation

They don’t care what the people think


They won’t promote the progress

Of anything that helps us all


They create a big mess

And they profit from it when it falls


It’s a rigged game.

It’s a rigged game.

It’s a rigged game.

Donny's Empire 

There’s a country

That has squandered

It’s potential

And has wandered

From it’s path of


To corporate



Hey Donny

You’ve been dreaming

That our neighbors

Have been scheming

And conniving

To take our money.

Your way of thinking

Is so very funny.


Hail, hail, The Emperor!

He’s a man who’s really in the know

He is like a smart person

But he hasn’t figured out he has no clothes.


And hail, hail to our allies!

I hope that someday we can make it right

I know the damage is mounting

But it seems the laws, to Donny, don’t apply


There’s deception

And corruption

There’s collusion

And obstruction

Disregard for

Legal procedures

Facts mean nothing

To these creatures


There is a country

Where money matters more than anything

They ride the middle class like a donkey

While the wealthy have it all and live like kings


Here’s Donny

He thinks he’s clever

And he’s truthful

Never ever

He says he’ll 

Be our savior

But we’re embarrassed

By his behavior

Hail, hail to Donny!

His stupid orange hair and phony tan

His mouth dribbles verbal diarrhea

That brings out all the very worst in Man


And hail, hail to our Emperor!

He’s a guy who really understands

He plays imaginary concertina

Which he bats between his tiny little hands


They're Trying to Take it All Away 

It’s been a long, long time ago.

That’s why not many people know

About the time when workers fought

For the few rights that we’ve got.


They got beaten down with sticks and bats.

They stood their ground, they showed them that

The boss may have the lion’s share

But he’d have none without us there.


Now we have a congress

That’s totally sold out.

They want to dismantle

Everything that we’re about.


They’re taking it away.

They’re taking it away.

They’re trying to take it all away.


Money goes like no tomorrow

If it’s for bombs and war and sorrow

The bridges, dams, and interstates

Are underfunded and decayed.

The wealthy hide their precious gains

And profit from our loss and pain.


They’ve passed laws for years to 

take our money and our rights

Now our foolish President 

wants to keep his job for life


They’re taking it away.

They’re taking it away.

They’re trying to take it all away.

copyright Zanerbob 2018