Why give a monkey's about Zanerbob?



It's not commercial. I'm as indie as they come. I do all of the work myself with the exception of a small part of the performance.

Since I am an independent artist, I can play what want, and say what I want, so I do.

It's eclectic. I write songs which fall into many genres. I like to expand my horizons with new ideas. You don't want a dumbed-down brain from listening to the same old rubbish, do you?

Some people say my music is addictive. I promise that there are probably no physical side-effects. Nothing permanent, anyway.

Help me spread a message of peace and free-thought.

It's different and interesting: I try to bring a new perspective to familiar forms of music.



 Welcome to the world of zanerbob, where the 60s and 70s didn't die, they just dozed off for a little while. The 21st century is ready for a little fun. LEt's face it, so far it's been kind of a drag, financial turmoil, unemployment, war, terror, and justin bieber…we need some relief, so join me for an attitude adjustment, a new way to see the world, and an attempt to return to the somewhat more daring and free expression of a bygone era. i hope you'll enjoy the songs i've produced. start the player on the left to hear some of them. I would love for you to share your email address with me. Please go to the contacts page and drop me a line, and if you wish, i'll add you to my list. 

 Zanerbob is a member of BMI - All works by Zanerbob except where specified -

Copyright 2000, 2011, 2012, 2013 zanerbob

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