The New Revolution : USA ca. 2020 



Long before corporate greed  

Began to inspire the law  

Our country manufactured things  

And the people had gainful jobs.  


Way back in this analog time  

We proudly manufactured wares  

That stood the test of wear and time  

And the workers got their fair share.  


They take all the money and pay no tax.  

Killing us with stagnant wages.  

The rich are breaking the workers’ backs.  


And so now the times have changed  

The structure we knew is gone.  

What venture capital rearranged  

Made many towns skeletons.  


It’s not just that technology changed  

The process of how we work.  

There’s been a gross devaluation  

Of the workers’ worth.  


The management takes all the money.  

The workers only get the crumbs.  

In constant pursuit of gaining  

Complete control.  

We’re at their mercy now.  



The Rich are Making a Killing  

 If you’ve got a lot of money  

It’s easy to make more  

There’s not a lot of money in human kindness  

But there’s money in oppression and war  


If you use your money and position  

to get the right people elected  

You can make the law to favor yourself  

So your interests are protected  


If you control credit and industry  

Healthcare, prisons, and equip the military  

And no rules check your activity  

You stand to make a killing  


If you can charge whatever you please  

Pollute the land, the air and seas  

Wage continuous war with your enemies  

You stand to make a killing  


They own the media  

They can make you vote  

The way they say  


They can convince you  

to vote your own  

Self-interest away  


They want a decent society  

And all of its attributes  

They feel taxes are robbery  

They don’t want to contribute  


This childish hubris is a crime  

There’s no denying  

The rich are like ticks on the economy  

Meanwhile people are dying  



Stick Together  

 We live in this country  

Year after year  

Where society is broken up  

Into four tiers  

The wealthy live on top  

And stay there by spreading lies  

They use their money to subjugate,  

Control, and misguide  

The next two tiers exist divided  

Greatly by their race  

Mistrust is spread  

And ill will often shows its ugly face  

The rich pit us against each other,  

Try to make us fight  

So we we never notice that  

They took what’s ours by right  

We are in the same boat and  

And we aren’t dissimilar  

We can make them do what’s right  

If we just stick together  

The wealthy like to propagate  

The lie of the American Dream  

And surreptitiously suggest  

the white race is supreme  

The whites are duped into sustaining  

This wretched, evil way  

Believing that they are best and  

Will have great wealth someday  

They try to keep minorities down  

And make them have to fight  

For every last thing that they get  

Denying them equal rights  

They suffer constant profiling  

And endure discrimination  

everything they earn, it seems  

requires some extra dedication  

Meanwhile at the bottom  

Are the victims of a scheme  

That scheduled them for failure  

And robbed them of their dreams  

The system is reinforced  

with media repetition     

Enforced by militarized police  

And for profit prisons  

They’re scaling back our protest rights  

We’re arrested by the police  

If we speak up at public meetings  

Or protest some industry  

They’re scaling back our voting rights  

Purging voter lists  

Passing restrictive laws  

Gerrymandering districts  

They used their money to  

Create a plutocracy  

They want fascism to  

Replace democracy  

We are in the same boat and  

And we are not dissimilar  

We can make them do what’s right  

If we just stick together  


How is it Possible?  

How is it possible?  

Being constantly misinformed  

How is it possible?  

Presidents killing people with drones  

How is it possible?  

Concentration camps on the Southern border  

How is it possible?  

A fox in every henhouse,  

Congress abandoning law and order  

How is it possible?  

To say the press  

Is the enemy of the state  

How is it possible?  

Russian interference they  

Don’t want to investigate  

How is it possible?  

Summary executions  

In the streets  

How is it possible?  

Cheating in elections  

And taxation  

How is it possible?  

Coziness with foreign despots  

How is it possible?  

To criminalize protest  

How is it possible?  

Mass incarceration for profit  

How is it possible?  

To keep a criminal president  



Paid To Lose  

Nancy and Chuck are paid to lose,  

To give up without a fight  

This is what they choose to do  

They’re unconcerned with what’s right  



Paid to lose  

And take abuse  


It’s a behavioral pattern  

A reticence to act  

Never speaking up when it matters  

Allowing alternate fact  




They’ve gotten rich playing good cop  

In a good cop bad cop show  

Corporate donors own both parties  

Their money dictates how thing will go  




They help the leeches suck our blood  

Then pat us on the head  

They say they’re working for our good  

While cashing in instead  




They don’t contest republicans  

And all their stonewalling  

They call their policies incremental  

When in fact they’re just stalling  


Paid to lose  



Mr Speaker  

With a friendly smile  

You tell your lies  


Well spoken guile  

From behind shark’s eyes  


Your owners have caused a great fall  

Your donors made fools of us all  


You sold us out for something handsome  

Retiring young to a king’s ransom.      


You’re a pawn as much as the rest  

But you took the opportunity to feather your nest  


They all say that you’re clever  

But they don’t seem to see  


That your words are never  

Spoken earnestly  


You pretended to believe  

To gain support from people you deceive  


It seems you see yourself as more grand  

Like a figure from a book by Ayn Rand  


You would steal from your constituents  

Calling what is theirs entitlements  


As though from your own hand it came  

You lie and say that we are to blame  


You vilify the vulnerable  

And make their lives more miserable  


When all the money we could ever need  

Is hidden in tax havens overseas     

the owners do not want to pay the price  

To make our country great as they say  

They rely on subterfuge and vice  

To keep their money and their place     


You saw the writing on the wall  

And fearing nigh would come a fall  


You ran just like a thief  

Your villainous service complete  



Healthcare Inc.  

You’re advertising  

Always advising  

You claim to care, but we quickly learn  

Your precious profits are your sole concern  

You own the Congress and write the laws  

To accommodate a rapacious cause  

Your quest for gain comes at the cost  

Of human suffering and people lost  


Warning, may cause:  

dysphasia, impotence, and dementia,  

Explosive diarrhea , blindness, small pox, Huntington’s chorea,  

Hiccups, chilblains, epilepsy,  

Chronic cough, warts, bankruptcy!  


If you escape with any money,  

They’ll advise a wallet biopsy  



Life on the farm isn’t easy.  

The work is hard, and never stops.  

You plow the land, and if it goes as planned  

at the end, you harvest your crops.  


And all the while, the world conspires  

to minimize what you’ve grown.  

You worry if you’ll make ends meet,  

or need another loan.  


Politicians claim they have your back,  

but deeds seldom follow their words.  

Promises that just fall flat,  

and you pay for their trade wars.  


How can we fight Monsanto  

When over patented seeds they sue.  

It isn’t your fault which way the wind blows,  

Or which way the honeybees flew.  


Who owns the patents on the seeds?  

Who makes that stuff that kills the weeds?  

Who makes it, though it kills the bees?  

Who sues farms owned by families?  

Who facilitates such deeds?  

Who’d allow such rampant corporate greed?  

Nowadays is there any difference  

between company men and a politicians?  


All we ever wanted was a farm  

with a cozy little house and a barn.  

It’s been in the family a long many years  

since when my great-grandparents came over here.  


But money talks and bullshit walks.  

We’re feeling the corporate squeeze.  

Washington lied  

they ain’t on our side.  

They’ll let us die out like the bees.  



Accept No Substitute  

Accept no substitute  

Accept no substitute  


Might be a wolf  

Dressed in sheep suit  


Accept no substitute  

Accept no substitute  


Well that smilin’ face  

Is gonna say just  

What you want ‘em to say  

I’m here to tell ya  

You better check ‘em out anyway  


Accept no substitute  

Accept no substitute  

Accept no substitute  


There’s no substitute  

For consistency  

And there’s no substitute  

For integrity  

If they won’t share details  

You better call ‘em out on that  

And if they take the rich folks’ money  

well, you better smell a rat  


Accept no substitute  

Accept no substitute  


Moscow Mitch  

What more can be said about a politician  

Who chooses grim reaper as his name  

You’re so proud of your foolishness  

And your wretched little game  


No wit or ingenuity in your deeds  

You simply disregard the rules  

Of a civilized democracy  


They rightly call you Moscow Mitch  

The right hand man of Putin’s bitch  

You tarnish your esteemed position  

Furthering your party’s attrition  


To say you are a sack of excrement  

Would be a lie, sir  

‘cause even shit is useful  

If you need fertilizer  


But you are truly useless  

Your existence detracts from life  

You are corrupt and contemptible  

And so is your wife  


They rightly call you Moscow Mitch  

The right hand man of Putin’s bitch  

Our country’s legacy  

Lies trodden on under your feet  


Forty five  

What was the outcome of decades of prominence  

Of a party that took full advantage of its dominance?  

Phasing out the people’s rights, the rule of law, and eloquence,  

With a distaste for facts, preferring lies and arrogance.  


They think that they are above the law.  

History will show them for what they are.  


Bribery and graft, what is the result?  

A despotic state of oligarchs  

And a party turned cult.  


A narcissist and mythomane,  

Whose emoluments are quite profane,  

Malignant and vitriolic  

His White House is indeed  



Aided by fools, the con man’s marks,  

Foreign despots and oligarchs,  

He’s a dangerous mix of  

ignorance and arrogance  

With no qualifications  

For a job of such importance.  


Forty five  

You are an obscene, twittering egotist  

autocrat, deceiver, coward, misanthrope, and racist  

Ladies confirm your pussy grabbing,  

And your antics are keeping comedians alive.  

Either way, the worst President to date  

Is number forty five.  


The Bern  

He has to be the real deal  

He’s been at it for so long  

He says just what you feel  

He’s been saying it all along  


He promises the sky  

And moon  

You say  

But this guy’s no fool  

He knows you have to pay  

To play  


How is this not clear  

To everyone?  

Is the water really  

That full of mud?  


Decades of selfless work  

Tenaciously, he fights for folks  

Just like you  

Just like me  


The rich will do  


To stop our  


The people see  

More and more  

Now we are  

At their door  


Momentum on the rise  

New public servants will devise  

A government  

where bribery dare not go  

Resistant to the pressure  

To conform  

To a corrupt system  

They work outside  

The status quo 




copyright 2020