The Legend of the Erratic Boulder 

Crest-like shape 

of the palest gray. 

Cross-marked place 

in the fountain spray. 

Erratic stone which marks ground 

where once the gallows could be found. 

A place where scores of men 

have met the bitter end. 

Never cross 

by the stone at night. 

You’ll be lost 

’til the morning light. 

You’ll walk the streets alone 

and curse the pale gray stone. 

You’ll wander, searching on 

until the break of dawn, 

and every hedgehog’s gone. 

The light reveals the tower 

which leads you to the square. 

And in this morning hour 

so glad to be back there.


Rigged Game 

A liar and a traitor 

Pathetic and incompetent. 

Idolizing dictators 

He betrayed our country and our friends 

The army and our drones 

Making war perpetually. 

The cops are driving tanks 

And killing people in the streets. 

The air we breathe is dirty 

The water isn’t fit to drink 

There’s no more regulation 

They don’t care what the people think 

They won’t promote the progress 

Of anything that helps us all 

They create a big mess 

And they profit from it when it falls 

It’s a rigged game. 

It’s a rigged game. 

It’s a rigged game.



There’s a country 

That has squandered 

It’s potential 

And has wandered 

From it’s path of 


To corporate 


Hey Donny 

You’ve been dreaming 

That our neighbors 

Have been scheming 

And conniving 

To take our money. 

Your way of thinking 

Is so very funny. 

Hail, hail, The Emperor! 

He’s a man who’s really in the know 

He is like a smart person 

But he hasn’t figured out he has no clothes. 

And hail, hail to our allies! 

I hope that someday we can make it right 

I know the damage is mounting 

But it seems the laws, to Donny, don’t apply 

There’s deception 

And corruption 

There’s collusion 

And obstruction 

Disregard for 

Legal procedures 

Facts mean nothing 

To these creatures 

There is a country 

Where money matters more than anything 

They ride the middle class like a donkey 

While the wealthy have it all and live like kings 

Here’s Donny 

He thinks he’s clever 

And he’s truthful 

Never ever 

He says he’ll 

Be our savior 

But we’re embarrassed 

By his behavior



It’s been a long, long time ago. 

That’s why not many people know 

About the time when workers fought 

For the few rights that we’ve got. 

They got beaten down with sticks and bats. 

They stood their ground, they showed them that 

The boss may have the lion’s share 

But he’d have none without us there. 

Now we have a congress 

That’s totally sold out. 

They want to dismantle 

Everything that we’re about. 

They’re taking it away. 

They’re taking it away. 

They’re trying to take it all away. 

Money goes like no tomorrow 

If it’s for bombs and war and sorrow 

The bridges, dams, and interstates 

Are underfunded and decayed. 

The wealthy hide their precious gains 

And profit from our loss and pain. 

They’ve passed laws for years to 

take our money and our rights 

Now our foolish President 

wants to keep his job for life 

They’re taking it away. 

They’re taking it away. 

They’re trying to take it all away.