Monkey Junk 

It Feels Like Love  



raindrops from above.  



yes, it feels like love.  

Every time that I  

think of you it’s like  

I’ve been here before,  

known you all my life. 

 Every time we touch  

I feel so alive.  

Every day we spend  

makes me certain again. 

It feels like love.  

It feels like love.  

It feels  

like love. 


I’m In a Funk  

I’m in a funk, ya’ll!  

Ho! In a funk.  

I’m talkin’ ‘bout blues, now,  

I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout no money junk!  

She did me wrong. 

She got me all funked up! 

Monkey Junk. 


Night of the Lonestar Eclipse 

(A day in the life of a roadie) 

The prelude to the song is an audial account of a day at the fancy hotels or country clubs to set up the band for the party. Bits of roady stories reverberate over the backdrop of hotel ballroom-type sounds. The ever-present end-of-the-party woman who can’t find her purse is celebrated in the tejano style tune, “No Tengo la Bolsa” 

  Yo no se donde esta,                                

Yo no veo una bolsa. 

Necesito trabajar 

esta guera me perturbar. 

Me pregunto si podria encontrar  

su culo con dos manos. 

Se enfrenta a mi 

su esposo borracho. 

No tengo la bolsa! 

No perturba me, cabrona! 

Yo no tengo su bolsa! 

Yo trabajo ahora, 

porque no pida al Capitan? 

(English Translation) 

I don’t know where it is, 

I don’t see a purse 

I need to work 

This white woman is bugging me. 

I wonder if she could find 

her ass with both hands. 

Her drunken husband 

is accosting me. 

I don’t have the purse! 

Don’t pester me, you goat! 

I don’t have your purse! 

I’m working now, 

Why don’t you ask the room captain? 

 copyright Zanerbob 2000