What People Are Saying About Zanerbob


Here are some real comments from Jango Radio and Myspace listeners (and the songs about which they are commenting):


"I LOVE IT!!!" (re: Heathen)

“ Great music ” (re: The Coming to Jesus Meeting)

“ Interesting syntho-muzik! Very much head grabbing! It gets yer immediate attention. GL RC ” (re: Peacenik)

“ nice sound. ” (re: Transparency)

“ Well...seems like TX will give us talents for long...In following Phillip Phillips in American Idol...great like texan Johnny Winters and others from there. My Best Wishes. Good Luck. ” (re: Transparency)

"Great song" (re: The Coming to Jesus Meeting)

“ Love the retro tones! This is great, thanks! ” (re: Peacenik)

“ has a Latin-Jethro Tull feel ” (re: Down by the Jackfruit Tree)

“ great stuff ” (re: The Good Stuff)

"Your music is addictive. I dig all of it but "THE GOOD STUFF" is great stuff and if they ever make a movie out of my life then I want SCARED OF PYGMIES to be the theme song."

I would like to thank everyone who has sent me comments. I have yet to get anything but a positive response, and I thank you all very much. I truly welcome all comments, and get a great deal of satisfaction from interacting with listeners.