I'm Better Than You  


The car I drive about cost more than your house. 

You don't exist if you're not on my list. 

I'm doing fine, unlike you and your kind. 

I'm better than you. Yes, it's true. 

Privilege of position, capital acquisition,  

I've got mine, a thousand times.  

But I want more, yes it's true.  

I want yours from you.  

Please, don't make this difficult.   

It really is quite plain.  

We're going to hold you up, like robbers at a train.  

Don't be shocked or horrified,  

it's been coming for some time. 

The boat has sailed, and don't expect a ride.  

No boat ride for you!  




There are owners                         Yes I'm better, so much better 


there are users                             Yes I'm better, so much better 


I'm worth more than                     Better than you, so much better 


the sum of you losers                  Better than you, so much better                


                                                       Better than all of you. Better than all of you.  


I'm rich!                                         Better than all of you. Better than all of you. 




You believed us when we said our interest was in you,  

but, turns out, the only interest is that which we accrue. 

We bled you dry, but we meant you no harm. 

You're all for sale, you're just slaves to work my farm. 

It's totally useless even to fight.   

Hoping that you'll just accept your plight.  

There's no tunnel, there's no light.  

Don't inconvenience me with your "rights".  


copyright Zanerbob 2015