I rarely perform in public any longer. This is because I don't have a band. I'm pretty much it…I'm so bloody lonely! So bloody, bloody lonely….

Sorry…so I haven't any current performance photos, or videos. I have instead uploaded pictures I have taken of stuff and places, logos, cover art, and that sort of thing. I am an admirer of art and architecture, and the photos in my collection will attest to that. So, visit a number of cities without leaving your house. Enjoy! 


Photo Gallery Number One: Cover art, logos, weird photos

Photo Gallery Number Two: Cities - Houston, Space City

Photo Gallery Number Three: Cities - Washington D.C., U.S. Capitol

Photo Gallery Number Four: Cities - Prague, Czech Capitol 

Photo Gallery Number Five: Cities - Brno, Czech Republic's second largest city

Photo Gallery Number Six: Cities -  Salzburg, Birthplace of Mozart. Beautiful, rainy city in the Alps

Photo Gallery Number Seven: Cities - České Budějovice - Beer city in southern Czech Republic

Photo Gallery Number Eight: Cities- Český Krumlov - Popular tourist spot in Czech Republic                 

John Lennon Wall, Prague: The ever changing face of the wall in Prague which, since his murder in 1980, has commemorated John Lennon's message of peace, truth and freedom. Previously a meeting place of students opposed to Soviet rule of the Czech lands, the wall was the canvas for their anti-soviet sentiments, and a source of contention with the communist government. Some people say it is no longer relevant. I disagree.