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 A request to mankind to evolve beyond stupidity and selfishness.

Bang - The big bang

Blue Planet Silver Moon -The planetary collision which made our world what it is.

Life Just Happens - The spark that started it all.

Pulse - The waters are soon teeming with life.

Emerge From the Waters - Life ventures onto land.

Evolve - The process continues.

The Anarchy of Beasts -  It's a dog eat dog world

Mass Extinction - There have been more than one. 

It walks Upright - Man makes the scene.

Machines of Man - All of our ingenuity, machines of all kinds, figurative and literal.

'59 - an interesting time when attitudes and perspectives changed.

I'm Better Than You - The rich, the pinnacle of man's hubris.

Dreams of the Motherland - Dreaming of a beautiful life in a civilized place. 


I'm Better Than You

The car I drive about cost more than your house.

You don't exist if you're not on my list.

I'm doing fine, unlike you and your kind.

I'm better than you. Yes, it's true.

Privilege of position, capital acquisition,

I've got mine, a thousand times.

But I want more, yes it's true.

I want yours from you.

Please, don't make this difficult. 

It really is quite plain.

We're going to hold you up, like robbers at a train.

Don't be shocked or horrified,

it's been coming for some time.

The boat has sailed, and don't expect a ride.

No boat ride for you!


There are owners                         Yes I'm better, so much better

there are users                             Yes I'm better, so much better

I'm worth more than                     Better than you, so much better

the sum of you losers                  Better than you, so much better               

                                                       Better than all of you. Better than all of you. 

I'm rich!                                         Better than all of you. Better than all of you.

You believed us when we said our interest was in you,

but, turns out, the only interest is that which we accrue.

We bled you dry, but we meant you no harm.

You're all for sale, you're just slaves to work my farm.

It's totally useless even to fight.

Hoping that you'll just accept your plight.

There's no tunnel, there's no light.

Don't inconvenience me with your "rights". 

Copyright Zanerbob 2015

 The Howdy Hat



The Howdy Hat is a collection of songs relating to the societal bonds which we have

between us as members of the human race. On a personal level we form bonds,

but even between strangers, there is a fellowship. Whether one chooses to

acknowledge this bond with people we don’tknow makes no difference, it exists.

The remains of pre-Homo Sapiens hominids suggests that humans have always lived

in groups, and even cared for one anotherin infirmity. One could argue that we have

outgrown the necessity of such a bond, that we did these things out of a need to survive

in a world where humans were morelikely to be the hunted rather than the hunter. This

may be the origin of our bond as humans, but by our own devices, the world is hardly less

hostile. Mankind could create a paradise on Earth if not for his own frailties of greed,

jealousy, xenophobia, and whatever other functions of misanthropy arise from the

attitude of selfishness which so pervades the Human Race. Perhaps the answer must come

from each of us individually. We could learn to view our own interests not above or below

others, but along side them. We could view our own interests and those of others as equal,

or at least acknowledge that, to the other person, their interests are as important to them

as yours are to you. We each need to balance our own lives with those of others instead

of imposing our lives on others. We should especially avoid the idea that by not curtailing

things we don’t agree with and understand we will be unable to live in such a world, or

we will somehow be punished by God. I can think of at least two religions with

fundamentalist underbellies which hold this view. Of course, not everyone believes

this strong and distasteful idea, but those who do are truly perpetrators of injustice

and malfeasance. They insist upon propagating their venomous ideas and use religion

in it’s basest form to rationalize their insane views, with which they would like to shackle

all of society. We could create a world of friendship instead of mistrust, but we must

abandon such fundamentalist ideas. Ideas so backward and simplistic that they belong

in past eras, and are not worthy of enlightened, civilized societies. Another idea to avoid

is that having more money makes you superior. It does not. Wealth inequality is

destroying American Democracy. All people should be able to live free, and think what

they want. We all deserve to be able to walk through life with the acceptance of our

neighbors, in a world where people’s lives are enhanced by the lives of others, and

where seeking to stifle others who do you no harm, (real harm, not imagined), is not


1) Freedom - The title speaks for itself. This is a song I wrote some years ago, and the trends I saw then have evolved into the current economic catastrophe that we now face. Society grants true freedom only to those who can pay for it. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer Americans fall into that category as the middle class sinks into poverty.

2) Zámek - This is the Czech word for Chateau, or small castle. The experience of visiting ancient places of great importance in human events and seeing some of man’s most impressive and enduring architectural achievements has a very profound effect. Flutes by Irma Gadden.

3) The Connection - This a song about the connection between individuals as human beings and part of a society. In civilized places, exchanges with strangers are polite and cordial. One can pass a stranger without apprehension, and even have a friendly verbal exchange. Such places exist all over the world, and the feeling of this human connection is joyfully palpable, and should be used to counter those who bring the disruption of violence and hatred to our civilized places.

4) Let’s Get Loaded - This is the first of four segues with a common theme, the predilection of some people to imbibe as a vehicle for entertainment and bonding.

5) Our Little Mafia - Almost everyone has an inner circle, a trusted few people. This is a very important component of life, to have others in which to confide or with which to commiserate. Seeing them always brings joy and affirmation.

6) Now That She’s Gone - A blues tune performed by the blues legend ‘Slappy’ Joe Mahmer, with his sidekick, bass man Owen Munny on fretless acoustic bass (not a dog house). Zanerbob helps out on the chorus with vocals, organ, and lap steel. This is an old recording I made when used to hang around in blues bars either playing or recording music.  

7) The Howdy Hat - This is one of my stranger compositions. The initial idea was the little melody with which the song begins. From there it just evolved into what it is. I’m not sure how to categorize it, electronic music, I suppose. The idea behind it is similar to that of ‘The Connection’. When my daughter was about three or four years old, she would put on my old, beat-up Panama hat. She called it the howdy hat. It was a signal to other people, a greeting of friendship. The howdy hat symbolizes this ability of people to coexist and share similarities instead of dwelling on differences.

8) Quiet Highways - I bought an electric car. I envisioned a   highway of electric vehicles quietly buzzing, the sound of their tires on the pavement the only audible evidence of their presence. I envisioned a world very different from this one, where the beauty of human grace is perpetuated by the ingenuity of man’s technology.

9) Cloak of the Cuttlefish - like octopuses and chameleons, the cuttlefish can change color. Not only can they change color, but they can alter the texture of their skin. Although the motivation of the cuttlefish to change it’s appearance is to hide or fool prey, we can still learn a lesson from this. Our behavior and world view can be altered not as a disguise, but as an attempt to better understand people with whom we have differences. In our interactions with others, some people are more adept at respectfully experiencing new ideas and customs. Blending in and coexisting while maintaining your own identity, and allowing others to have their own identity is a very valuable trait in an increasingly diverse world. You should expect the same in return. Don’t expect the entire world to do things your way. It isn’t going to happen, and it is presumptuous to want that. Rather, befriend other people, understand them, And try to blend in. You don't have to give up who you are. The music is a series of synthesizer voices each of which is programed to repeat an arpeggio. each voice carries a note or two of a chord which is formed by the sum of the voices. the voices change cords in waves, Then the process is repeated in a slightly different way with a new set of voices. 

10) Rubber Underwear - This silliness is the next segue and introduces the lighter material in the project. Remember the last segue? Apparently they did.

11) Rockin‘ the Cow - This is a rockabilly song about an ill-fated couple who don’t quite make it to the prom, but make the best of it. When life gives you lemons... One day I decided I was going to write a rockabilly song. When I was a kid in the 70s, there was a popular nostalgic trend in music through which I discovered the music of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and a number of acts that pioneered rock music in the 1950s. I became very interested in this chapter of history as portrayed in it’s popular music. Having written and recorded the music, I was having difficulty coming up with an idea for lyrics, and mentioned it to my friend and pickin‘ buddy Floyd P., who suggested a flat tire on the way to the prom. I related my intention to somehow include beer. He suggested Pabst Blue Ribbon, and the song was finished in minutes.  

12) She Said Touch Me - This is the first song I ever wrote. I was probably seventeen years old. The lyrics have changed slightly, but the story is the same.

Vocals by Floyd P. 

13) Where Am I? - This another segue, about the confusion one sometimes experiences when waking up after a busy night out.

14) All We Do Is Fight - This is a blues tune, so it’s about love trouble, and it features guitars that argue back and forth.

15) What Did We Do Last Night? - The last segue, concerning the next question a hungover person might ask.

16) Theory of Gravity - This song is about the ability of undereducated people to believe that somehow scientific evidence is unreliable, and should not be taken seriously, while providing no credible alternative.  

all songs copyright 2013  Zanerbob   



Do you have happiness?

House and home, and all the rest?




Do you find them hard to get?

Are you sinking into debt?




All these things are so exclusive,

chasing what is quite elusive.

Have you dreamt of someone,

quite familiar loved one,


Then awoke with a start,

and you don’t know who they are?




Now you see it’s not the same

truly free or just in name


Having money is the key

without it life just isn’t free





Some are crass enough to say 

it’s fine to live this selfish way


You always have to pay to dance

but some of us don’t get the chance      


I wonder what the rich would say

If it were the other way. 


Having tasted luxury,

could they stomach poverty?




Now That She’s Gone


I hear her footsteps fallin’

as she walk on by.

I hear her footsteps fallin’

as she go on by.

I hear my front door slammin’ and I

hang my head and cry.


I’m so sad and blue 

now that she’s gone.

I don’t quite know how I will

go on.


I know where she’s goin’.

I know she won’t be home.

I know where she’s goin’,

and she ain’t comin’ home.

That little gal of mine has

packed her trunk and gone.


Have mercy on me.

I don’t know what I’ll do.

With her I am happy,

without her I am blue.

I’m so sad and blue 

now that she’s gone.

I don’t quite know how I will

go on.


I’m so sad and lonesome

since she want to go.

Yes, I’m so sad and lonesome

since she want to go.

That gal don’t want to hear me

when I tell her how I love her so.

Rockin’ the Cow

Well, me and my baby got a late start for the prom.

I tried to save us some time by cuttin’ out through the farm.

Well, we got out in the middle of a field,

I hit a stump, and I busted a wheel.

Then I said, “Hey baby, here we are!”


She bowed up and got her hair all mussed.

Uh-uh honey don’t you start to cuss.

I got a cooler full of Pabst Blue Ribbon 

in the trunk of my car!



Come on honey!

Don’t you fuss.

I got a plan

for the two of us.

You crank up that radio,

and we’re gonna get this 

show on the road!


The best music in the whole damn town,

just me and my baby dancin’ with a plow.

Come on honey!

We’re really rockin’ the cow!



We got the best music in the whole damn town.

Well, we’re just dancin’ round a plow.

Come on baby!

We’re really rockin’ the cow.




She Said Touch Me

I sat so close beside her

it made my heart a’ pound.

I put my arm around her.

She said “You settle down!”

I said that I’d had all my shots,

she said that wasn’t it.

I tried to kiss her on the face 

and found out that she bit.

I thought that I would win her

by massaging her neck’s nape.

She said these words, all out of breath,

as I held her lovely shape


She said touch me

She said touch me

She said touch me

and I’ll yell rape!


She quoted Bible verses and

she spoke of all the rules

about the way that folks should act.

I laughed and called them fools.

She said I ain’t a Christian soul

but I was dunked in the river and saved

Maybe that’s why my luck’s so bad

when it comes to gettin’ laid.

This is my sad, sad story,

a hole that in my life gapes

the woes of my poor love life,

my tale of sour grapes, ‘cos


She said touch me

She said touch me

She said touch me

and I’ll yell rape!

Theory of Gravity

So many theories

that I just don’t know what to do.

They say some theories

 were meant to harm you.

You can’t trust science and theories

is what the preacher said.

But I wonder, what if out of the blue

a meteor were to just drop on your head,

‘cause you know, evolution is just a theory,

the preacher told me.

I wonder if that sucker knows

that so is gravity!

Get down!

With your gravity self!







 The cover art is a NASA telescope photo (public domain) of the Orion Nebula. 



 Music For Your Spacecraft is a collection of songs about us, our planet, our technology, and our solar system. Mostly within the realm of rock music, there is a distinct visitation of electronica. In fact, this is probably the least eclectic of my collections so far. The greater portion of songs could be categorized as space-rock, sometimes spacey, sometimes intense, are all suitable for lift-off. It's a soundtrack for the view of outer space as you gaze from your spacecraft porthole whilst puttering around the cosmos. Bon voyage! 


All songs written and performed by Zanerbob 


Heathen - A visit to British Progrock of the late sixties and seventies. A driving, rhythmic, intergalactic war of guitars. 

Emotional Metamorphosis - A musical representation of an individual's development over time and through worldly influence.

Underwater City - A submarine ride to a city beneath the waves.

Dancing Robots - Robots swirl and sway, scuttle back and forth, and flash their lights. This song is based on a similar tune that I wrote for guitar and bass some time ago. 

Bat Flying Time - The last bright sunlight slips away, and in the dusk arrive the bats. They flitter in the failing light as night falls.

The Sun - (see lyrics below) This is a song from the Zanerbob Archives, written many years ago. A song about the life on our planet, and the star which gives us life. 

High Above - (see lyrics below) Another song from the archives about life on Earth. I think it still has relevance today, as does the previous song. 

The rest of the recordings are based on some guitar pieces I recorded a long time ago, spacey improvisations, with an abrupt change at the end, entitled 'Daydream 1 and 2/Rude Awakening'. I expanded it a bit, renamed it, and added an abrupt change at the end of the abrupt change, (if that makes sense).  

Dream 1 (Love) - First in a series of four dream songs. It is a song of love and yearning.

Dream 2 (Fate) - A song portraying the solemnity, and finite nature of mortal existence.  

Dream 3 (The ether) - Floating out of body in the ether, out to a sea of astral color.

Rude Awakening - An abrupt wake up call. More battling guitars.


 All songs copyright 2012 Zanerbob 



The Sun

The moonlight softly giving way,

the sun has brought another day.

The foggy haze which lines the ground 

in silken swirls as soft as down,

begins to fade as light appears,

and falls to earth like tiny tears.


Our world awakens in the presence

of it’s sun.

It’s rays are blinding when the day

has just begun.


A lonely bird will sing his song 

soon multitudes will join along.

The grass so tall, within it dwells

a world whose sound begins to swell.

Evoking feelings so serene,

almost dreamlike is this scene.


Our world oblivious 

to feelings of this kind.

No longer thinking of

the higher things in life.


The early risers in their race,

who never see at such a pace,

travel by without a glance,

never notice life’s romance.

I sit alone to be as one 

with nature, worshipping the sun.


The sun so wonderful

the giver of all life.

It’s warmth as bountiful

and joyous as it’s light.



High Above


High above

the birds fly circles,

the treetops calling them.

Waving in the breezy air,

their motion comforting.


Down below

the forrest rings with

every living creature

singing of his life and freedom,

a song we used to know.


Where went the innocence

which gave us dignity?

The child remembers, 

but can not tell.

We’ve lost humanity.

We’ve lost the meaning of our lives.

We came so close to knowing the truth 

of our world.


Look around 

and see the people

so lost in ignorance.

Doing things for selfish reasons

in hateful dissonance.


Live your life 

an open one,

with empathy.

Generous to all you meet,

embrace humanity. 


Where went the innocence

which gave us dignity?

The child remembers, 

but can not tell.

We’ve lost humanity.

We’ve lost the meaning of our lives.

We came so close to knowing the truth 

of our world.




Zanerbob - 20%




About the cover art


This is a collage by Justin Barta of photos I have taken over the years of the Lennon Wall, in Prague. Pertinent messages abound in the graffiti. 



   Statistically, so-called “free thinkers”, nonreligious, secular people, comprise around 16% of the population of the U.S. If you include people who belong to religious orders, but are tolerant of other beliefs and believe in maintaining the “wall of separation between church and state,” it might come to about 20%. This might be (pardon the expression) a conservative estimate. Among people who profess liberalism, 56% say that their religion is very important to them. This may or may not effect their objectivity towards other beliefs. Conservatives prove by their platform that they are not objective, and do not understand how other belief systems have the right to exist. People of non-Christian beliefs probably have a vested interest in more government secularism, but their numbers are relatively small. Mind you, it's even possible that part of the 16% of non-religious people are either not interested in politics, or have other political beliefs. My guess is that they are politically more progressive than the mainstream, but that's only my impression. 

    At any rate 20% is a significant portion of society. One which could wield political influence against the narrow-mindedness and greed exhibited by the majority of our politicians, who, more and more, use religion as a tool of divisiveness. This 20% are people who tend to be more open-minded, and are not as likely to be distracted by religion-based, red herring issues, which distract people from the truly important issues. They are people who do not believe something just because a guy with a special collar on his shirt said it. They are people who, for the most part, are better informed on world issues. 

    Vast differences in world view are causing an extreme disruption of compromise and objectivity in government. Without the ability to put aside personal views to listen to another’s, this country has descended into a dark time, in which the controllers of the money have us just where they want us, in bitter dispute, and impotent to make decisions which effect our lives. They use religion to this end. They own most of the politicians, and they own us. 


Peacenik -  The same song done twice: first with synths, then with guitars. It expresses my belief in peaceful solutions, and avoidance of violence and war.


Grassroots rebellion - Ordo ab chao: out of chaos comes order. I finished this piece in 2008. At the time I dreamt of a rebellion of ordinary people who would march on Wall Street. Now it’s happening. Stand up for your rights while you still have them, and thank you to the Occupy Movement. 


Everyplace -  A song about social injustice and class disparity here, and around the world. I chose a country and western theme for this piece for irony. I wrote this tune with slightly different lyrics years ago. Unfortunately, it is as relevant now as it was then. Please see the lyric section.


20% - A song about plutocracy, and those in society who might be capable of saving the country from it. Please see the lyric section.


Complacent Daze -   Society seems to be hypnotized. Here’s some hypnotic music to be 

complacent by.


A Chicken in Every Pot, and a Fox in Every Hen House:

 American Suite in Four Parts

1. Founding Fathers - Our grand and auspicious beginnings. 

2. Cowboys and Visionaries (see lyric section) - How thuggishness can creep in and slow true progress.

3. Plutocracy - We are slaves of the rich, with no real voice. 

4. The Comin’ to Jesus Meeting - When you are in a situation involving another person or persons, and something about the relationship is unacceptable to you, you must speak up, and let it be known that you will not stand for it. There is an idiom to describe this: "We had to have a comin' to Jesus meeting…" Today, more and more, the common man is waking up, and realizing that we, the people, need to have a "comin' to Jesus meeting" with the powers that be. History repeats. There will always come a day when enough is enough. It seems to be here. 


O Town - An homage to President Obama, the captain of a mutinous crew in perilous waters. I hope he can still see land, and I hope it's a land in which we all can prosper.


Horse Thief - A song about the bursting of the economic bubble and those who made a killing off of it.


Ancient Paths - Perhaps the path we’re on has been tread before. Perhaps we should regard the long history of human civilization and in doing so, we might gain perspective and even understanding. History repeats itself. 


Transparency -      A song about televangelists, this is another tune I wrote many years ago, which, unfortunately, is as relevant today (if not more) than when I wrote it in the 1980s. Again the lyrics have been slightly modified.  Please see the lyric section.


Familiar Stranger - (Irma Gadden - flute) Our deepest desires are like a familiar stranger: What Man most wants remains ambiguous, and illusory. I tried to evoke a musical feeling from a bygone era in the flute line. Originally intended for saxophone, I feel the flute gives the same jazzy feel, but with a more haunting, ethereal quality. 


All songs written by Zanerbob, Copyright 2011 Zanerbob 






there’s those who eat

and those who can not pay.

What kind of world

would let it be that way?


Business men

with all their wealth

tell us what to do.

Them with gold,

they make all the rules.


The ones on top don’t give a damn

about the ones in need.

Their avaricious exploits show the depth

of their greed.


What we fear,

and what we hate

is what we have become.

Or perhaps, 

we’ve been there all along


Them or us, 

us or them

the small man pays the price.

The consequence

of taking bad advice.


Violence speaks for ignorance.

And greed’s a wretched way.

Soon I hope equality and peace 

can have their day. 



Brainwashed and misled

the masses

exist in complacency.

They never question

what they are told.


by an Orwellian elite.

Which tells them what to think,

and tells them what to do,

which controls their world

right down to the food 

that they eat.


Whatever will incite them

and occupy their minds

is what they are shown on TV.

So they never notice 

that they’ve been had,

content with their toys

and the lie

that they have freedom

and they have choice,

these slaves to their own

foolish way of life.


Wake up free thinkers,

and see the signs.

Our lives depend on you -

the 20% 

or so whose minds aren’t warped

by hate

and misguided views.

Stand up for what’s right

against foolishness 

and tyranny

and some day

we will all 

be free.





Cowboys and Visionaries

(Excerpts from speeches by FDR, JFK, and MLK)





“A second bill of rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all, regardless of station, or race, or creed.”



“There is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand it’s use to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.”



“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up”...



You’ve got a one-way mind

and you share

all your ignorant fears

and despair.


You come on strong and hot.

You say you’re what you’re not.


I see estates and yachts

that you bought.

I always hear you praying

for what you haven’t got.


You can help me out. 

You can save me with no doubt.

Your transparency

is what I can’t believe.


You want to run our lives

but you you can’t

though you scream and cry

and rant.


You would make the laws 

that would force this on us.

You can’t live and let

but you might regret it.


You can’t win a fight

like this.

There’s too much simple minds 

can miss.


You just act the fool,

or sit by your pool and laugh.

You can sucker in

just so many with your act.


Guest evangelists:

I point the finger in their face and say “you helped this happen”.

God hates fags. Topeka is a city of whores.

They’re evil people and they do evil things.



ZANERBOB - Monkey Junk




This is a picture of my Dad, and his monkey, circa 1943, on a street corner in Casablanca, Morrocco.


    As with "Techno? Heck No!",  I was interested in inviting some of my friends perform on certain tracks. This was done in the interest of expanding the songs by bringing to them new ideas which would differ from my approach. I therefore solicited the assistance of four other musicians, a guitarist, a drummer, a bassist, and a saxophonist. The result was exactly what I had hoped for. The tracks give new and interesting dimensions to their respective songs. I did very little in the area of

direction, leaving each musician to their own devices. 

    If a player was trying to invent a part that was clearly going to take more than a little while to master, I recommended something somewhat less intricate. The tracks were meant to be recorded quickly, using the artist's first impression. Sometimes less is more, and keeping it simple can be a virtue. I don't recall anything more that I told any of my guest players. They performed beautifully, as I had anticipated, and, as with my own solo performances, were improvised.

    The saxophone parts on "The Hard Goodbye" are alternate takes. Tim Matz, the saxophonist played each one separately, without listening to the other, and with no input from me at all. I discovered later that they fit together perfectly, in fact compliment each other. It's quite remarkable.

     Monkey Junk is a reflection of the music of the 1960s and 70s, a time of eclecticism and experimentation in music and philosophy. It uses a series of segue songs as links between mostly longer pieces which represent the theme of retro styles. These styles are rock, latin rock, jazz-oriented rock (i.e. Spirit, Steely  Dan, etc.)  , psychedelic, electronic, progressive rock, funk, pop, and blues. Of course, there is a modern facet as well. The songs cross over these lines at times, and weird noises and strange tunes connect them all. Within the context of this retro music theme is the sub-plot of life in the music business. The song "No Tengo la Bolsa" embodies the years I spent as a roadie for a party band. A surreal collage of snippets from my days working the hotel and country club circuit in Texas, the tune ends with a song which sums up the reward of such employment; the rich people get drunk, lose their possessions, and accuse you, the hotel worker, of theft. So it goes. Monkey Junk.  



Down by the Jackfruit Tree - Oh the tropics! How lovely! Fruit the size of                       watermelons, up in the trees! The percussion is a mix of real percussion instruments and samples of firecrackers, wine corks, etc. A jazzy tune with a rock and roll center which explores the previous chord progression.


Rush Hour in Space City - Introduction to all the monkey junk. A short musical               sequence which ends in silliness. I might have failed to mention that I sometimes become rather silly.


Big Blue Sky ( guitar Les Moore, drums Rex Carr ) - inspired by a

George Harrison song from ‘Wonderwall’  called 'On the Bed'. It's like                           soaring around the big blue sky, as free as a bird.  Check out the video on my youtube channel by clicking on the VIDEOS tab at the top of the page. 


Groovin’ with Critters ( Critters ) The whole backyard’s singing along! I did a little 

experiment with a technique I heard about to get the weird drum sound. 


It Feels Like Love (wah guitar Les Moore, other guitar Zanerbob )  Guess what... a love song! A 70s music extravaganza gives way to a jazzy piano tune with a funky break.


Garden of Butterflies - This is an example of xenochrony - the japanese koto, flute,   and drum were later fitted with the backward guitar, which took amazingly little alteration to fit. 


Funk U - Funk instrumental extravaganza! Fun with oscillators! Strange esoteric         passages which erupt into screaming guitar riffs! What more do you want? 


Out on Magananimity - Magnanimity is the name of an asteroid, so named to honor the out-pouring of selflessness exibited by the 911  responders. It's a spacey, psychedelic trip to the asteroid belt.


I’m In a Funk (guitar Les Moore, ) - Another funky extravaganza.  The words are an       interpolation of a speech by the late great bluesman, Son House. 


Sad and Blue - layers of old time slide blues. 


Urban Sprawl - A tune about my home town, H-Town.


Monkeyhead - Imagine roadies assembling stage gear and incessantly quoting lines from movies.  


The Good Stuff  ( guitars Les Moore ) - Whatever the ‘good stuff’ is to you. A tune         conceived and written around the bass line. I wrote this song when I was doing a lot of roadie work, and I tried to create the mood of a city at night. 


No Tengo la Bolsa - A strange collage of sound representing a day in the life of a     roadie. The prelude to the song is an audial account of a day at the fancy hotels or country clubs to set up the band for the party. Bits of roady stories reverberate over the backdrop of hotel ballroom-type sounds. The ever-present end-of-the-party woman who can’t find her purse is celebrated in the tejano style tune, “No Tengo la Bolsa” The saga starts out in the truck hauling gear and listening to the radio, in which I make some jokes about 'W'. I took little bits of my roadie experiences, and recorded myself reciting dialog from them. For instance I worked with two sound engineers, one of whom always did a mic check by saying, "Mic check…Hey Hey!" and the other, "Testing, how 'boutcha!" One was tall, with a deep voice, the other short with a high voice. You can hear my impersonations of them and other people. I had two of my buddies interpret their stories as well. It becomes a surreal mixture with everything going on at the same time. Then the Tejano song emerges and describes the anxious, purse-less, and drunken woman who frequently presents at the end of gala events.

I saw this drama play out three times in less than two years, so it must happen with some frequency. (see 'Monkey Junk Lyrics' in this section.)


Space City ( drums Rex Carr ) - another tune about good ol’ H-Town. You might             recognize the sequence in a slightly different form from 'Rush Hour in Space City'.


Putin and Fortin - phony commercial music.


The Hard Goodbye ( saxophone Robin Graves,  acoustic bass Bo Enero ) - a song dedicated to my Dad. 



All songs written by Zanerbob, Copyright 2000, 2011 Zanerbob

It Feels Like Love




raindrops from above.



yes, it feels like love.

Every time that I

think of you it’s like

I’ve been here before,

known you all my life.

Every time we touch

I feel so alive.

Every day we spend

makes me certain again.

It feels like love.

It feels like love.

It feels

like love.

I’m In a Funk


I’m in a funk, ya’ll!

Ho! In a funk.

I’m talkin’ ‘bout blues, now,

I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout no money junk!

She did me wrong.

She got me all funked up!

Monkey Junk.

No Tengo la Bolsa

(A day in the life of a roadie)


The prelude to the song is an audial account of a day at the fancy hotels or country clubs to set up the band for the party. Bits of roady stories reverberate over the backdrop of hotel ballroom-type sounds. The ever-present end-of-the-party woman who can’t find her purse is celebrated in the tejano style tune, “No Tengo la Bolsa”


Yo no se donde esta,                               

Yo no veo una bolsa.

Necesito trabajar

esta guera me perturbar.


Me pregunto si podria encontrar

su culo con dos manos.

Se enfrenta a mi

su esposo borracho.


No tengo la bolsa!


No perturba me, cabrona!

Yo no tengo su bolsa!

Yo trabajo ahora,

porque no pida al Capitan?

(English Translation)
I don’t know where it is,
I don’t see a purse
I need to work
This white woman is bugging me.

I wonder if she could find
her ass with both hands.
Her drunken husband
is accosting me.

I don’t have the purse!

Don’t pester me, you goat!
I don’t have your purse!
I’m working now,

Why don’t you ask the room captain?

Thanks to Mickey Williams, Victor Colunga, and Pedro Valdivia for help with Spanish. I would also like to thank Paul Franklin, and Shannon Smith (roadie reenactments), Debbie Barta and Dayna Boatright (purse ladies), Justin Barta (little kid laughing), and Corey Barta (little girl screaming at the end) 




ZANERBOB - Techno? Heck No!




This a Zanerbob original. It's a photograph…NO! it's actually two photographs of an oil refinery at night. The two photos (black with little lights) were stuck together and scanned into one image, which I inverted, creating the colors.    

Zanerbob: Synth, Guitar

 Tad Late: Guitar, Apology


  I feel compelled to explain the ideas behind the songs on this, my first serious 

attempt to write a project on my own. I used a number of musical experimentation methods to write the pieces in this collection. As an experiment intended to add new sounds to the basic synth sequences, I had my friend, Tad Late, make random guitar sounds. He had a really nice array of signal processors, and is quite adept at making weird noises on the guitar. Other than requesting wah-wah sounds, I just recorded while he did his thing. This performance was edited, sometimes altered, and placed into the songs, which Tad had never heard.  These guitar sounds appear in every piece with the exception of the two minuets, and the song ‘Driveby’.  


The Angry Winds - (Zanerbob - synth, guitar, Tad Late - guitar) A song about storms. The musical phrase is broken up between different voices which are panned in sequential positions in the stereo field. 


Suds - ( Zanerbob - synth, Tad Late - guitar) Did you ever stare into the foam in your beer glass? Check out the youtube video on my channel. Just click on VIDEOS at the top of the page.


Minuet in A minor (Johann Krieger) A synthesizer orchestra. 


Afraid of Pygmies - ( Zanerbob - synth, Tad Late - guitar) Synth rhythm bed with overlying solo sequences. 


On the Water - (Zanerbob - synth, guitar {ending}, Tad Late - guitar)  This is an experiment in harmonies. I wrote a chord progression, then transposed it to a key which is an interval of a major 3rd apart, then played concurrently. I also used the technique of 'musique concrete' in the beginning. For instance, I recorded crickets and altered the pitch until it makes the crickets sound a bit like running water bubbling along. 


Driveby - A song about a shooting.


Big Bad Rabbit - ( Zanerbob - synth, Tad Late - guitar) Synth rhythm bed with overlying solo sequences. The title came from a Monty Python skit.


You Can't Go Back - ( Zanerbob - synth, Tad Late - guitar) This is an experiment in indeterminate music. There is however, a key signature. I wrote out the numbers for chords on pieces of paper, e.g. I, ii, etc. and picked them at random from a jar. This is one of two songs I wrote about the death of my father, the other of which is on my other album "Monkey Junk"


Minuet in C Major (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)  I realize I’m not playing it exactly as it is written, but it's a lovely little ditty right out of the first year piano book, all sweet and innocent, and then I got a hold of it. 


Way Out Back - ( Zanerbob - synth, Tad Late - guitar) Started out as a jingle I wrote for a phony radio show I did as a school project.

All songs written by Zanerbob, except where indicated. Copyright 2000 Zanerbob.